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Hoodia Gordonii
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Certified Hoodia Gordonii - Hoodia is made w/Natural Hoodia

Hoodia Certificate of Authenticity

pure hoodia gordoniiWe only use natural Hoodia and are proud to display the documents below to prove it.   There are two documents required to prove the authenticity of natural Hoodia. They are the C.I.T.E.S Certificate and the Analytical Report.

Hoodia CITES Certificate

Hoodia farmers are required to have a C.I.T.E.S government certificate in order to verify authenticity of being Hoodia gordonii and to be able to legally export it.

Hoodia USDA Import Permit

The USDA requires a protected Plant Permit for the importation of Hoodia Gordonii from South Africa. Because Hoodia is an endangered species this special permit is required by law.  

Hoodia Lab Report

Lab report identifies  raw Hoodia sample prior to manufacturing is 100% Hoodia gordonii.

Hoodia Certificate of Analysis

All shipments of Hoodia into the USA must also be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis. This document declares facts such as Country of Origin, Material Name, and verification that the material has passed a Microbiological battery of tests for levels of pesticide and other contaminants.


South African Hoodia is very expensive with prices of up to $400 per kilo for the raw material that goes into hoodia diet pills. Any Hoodia diet products sold at seemingly too good to be true cheap prices are probably not the real thing and will likely not work.

We have spared no expense in purchasing Hoodia direct and processing it into a powerful diet formula with a super hefty 800mg and 60 count bottle.  

How Hoodia Works:

Hoodia causes the human brain's  hypothalamus to register a feeling of fullness. 

Hoodia Causes the Hypothalamus to Feel Full 

The discovery of Hoodia's active ingredient, called P57, in the Hoodia gordonii plant is clinically proven to suppress the appetite by up to 1000 calories a day

Restrictions apply

Made w/ Hoodia
certified hoodia

Hoodia 60 Minutes Report


              Courtesy of   CBS 60 Minutes

“It's very different from diet stimulants like Ephedra and Phenfen that are now banned because of dangerous side effects. Hoodia doesn't stimulate at all. Scientists say it fools the brain by making you think you’re full, even if you've eaten just a morsel. 60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl reports.

So how did it work?   Stahl says she had no after effects – no funny taste in her mouth, no queasy stomach, and no racing heart. She also wasn't hungry all day, even when she would normally have a pang around mealtime. And, she also had no desire to eat or drink the entire day. " I'd have to say it did work," says Stahl”.

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